Daniel R. Mitchell Multi-media Works

These are works that combine photography, video and electronic music composition. Some are simply for entertainment, but some have a spiritual message. Click on the title to play using YouTube.

Composition Date Length Notes DVD PC WMV
Ecstasy In Yellow 2005 2:16 One Sunday we climbed into the Caddy and went for a drive...
Images of a field of yellow flowers. The music is a simple rising melody with arpeggio accompaniment.
Sunflower Serenade 2005 2:25 Various sunflowers with light-hearted music. Musically, uses a compressed sonata form in 5/8 time. DVD PC WMV
A Resting Place 2005 6:00 Everyone is constantly searching for a place of rest and never finding it. This piece contrasts that conflict. Many images of benches, tables, etc., juxtaposed against restless music with occasional moments of rest, leading to frustration, then ultimately a final resolution. DVD PC WMV
Pretty Flowers 2005 3:23 Many images of flowers, domestic and wild, with basic 12-bar blues for music. DVD PC WMV
Pulse 2006 3:20 And God said, "Let there be light." DVD PC WMV

The videos were produced using Photodex ProShow. The music is produced using CSound software synthesis program and some score pre-processor software that I wrote. Drum samples used on some pieces are from Jim Dooley.

The links on the right are useful if you want to download the video file. Each video is available in two resolutions as MPEG video files. The DVD link is for 720x480 resolution. The PC link is for 320x240 resolution. The WMV links are Windows Media files and require Windows Media Player or similar program. The 320x240 image size is limited in resolution, but good enough to watch on the computer.