Most people have a one-dimensional view of things. They place everything on a single scale. You are either conservative or liberal, capitalist or communist, rich or poor, popular or unpopular, materialist or spiritual, etc.

Who you are and what you believe is defined by your "X coordinate" only. And, whatever you say, they are going to try and find a place on that line and label you accordingly.

The single axis view looks at everything in terms of man and the world. You are judged by your horizontal relationship to everything else. You are either better or worse according to where you are placed on that line. This line is labeled "Worship of Man."

Well, I got news for the world. There is another dimension to life and some of us are orthogonal. This other axis is perpendicular, at right angles, to the world. It is the vector that points upward to God and is labeled "Worship of God".

It doesn't matter what your X coordinate is as that only measures relationships from man to man. The only thing that matters is your Y coordinate. How close are you to God?




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