This takes much practice

I extend my arm, place my hand by yours and around our wrists a single band of rubber tethers us gently.

Now close my eyes, then sense that gentle tug as you move your hand, I can follow along. Up, down, left, right, back and forth and round and round in circles both moving as one. I know now that if I try to move my hand all on my own the band gets stretched and may pop loose or break. It takes alertness to feel the small tug from your movements and sometimes I get distracted until I feel a strong pull that snaps me back into attention.

Most difficult is when you stop and I think maybe the band has come loose. But, no, just a pause and eventually the small tug leads me again. If I get anxious and try to anticipate the moves sometimes it is right but mostly I get it wrong. It takes patience to just wait.

There is a mischievous one who tries to throw a loop of cord to catch my hand and pull it away. In time I sense the difference and know which is which and quickly slip out of the false bind.

This takes much practice.


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