Ignore This

Why are you reading this? Didn't you see the title, "Ignore this"? I mean it. Quit reading this right NOW!Are you still here reading this? Good for you. You're beginning to catch on. Just because someone writes something telling you that you should do or not do a thing doesn't mean that's what you ought to do. The thing you may need to do is just ignore it. The egotistical self thinks that everything ever said or written applies TO ME. The self also thinks that everything written or said is said FOR ME. Many times that's just not true. The writer was possibly writing to or for someone else and what they wrote doesn't have any application to me at all. So, I just ignore it.My experience is that most of the time people write or speak because THEY need to write or say something. They may think that they have a mission to change everybody's opinion or lead some type of social revolution. That's really silly if you think about it. Am I here on this earth to fix everybody else? Nope, and neither are you. Each of us is trying to get our self fixed. I think most of the time writers just need to write for no other reason but that that they need to express themselves through their writing. That's certainly true for me.The Lord told me I need to think out loud in front of everybody else. Apparently it's good for me. So, I do what the Lord told me and write silly stuff like this and post it where everybody can see it. As soon as it's written and posted, I'm usually done with it. Strangely, it seems there may be another reason.Sometimes the Lord has us share our thoughts because someone else needs to hear them, too. We may be uncertain about what the Holy Spirit is trying to teach us, and it helps to hear someone else say the same thing. At other times, I think we are led to read or study something just so we will stop and think about it for awhile. At any rate, the main thing is that there is something about sharing and fellowship that fits into the Lord's plan for His kingdom. So, while I write just because I need to, there seems to be some reason beyond that.But, just remember this: A writing may only be for one other person in the world. It may not be for you. Possibly you are not yet ready to hear the message, or, it's not something you need to worry about. The Lord may say, ignore this or ignore that. So, we always take things to the Lord in prayer to ask, "Is this for me?" Maybe it is, and maybe not.Now I've written my thoughts out for today. Feel free to ignore it. Or not.


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