I Just Gotta Say

I just gotta say,
If I might,
No offense intended,
If'n you don't mind,
To be perfectly honest


If Jesus says
"Go here and say this to her" or
"Go there and say that to him"
Well, I'm gonna do it because He asked,
And because He loves them
So I think it's good to love them too.

But, -

I really, really, really got
A whole bunch of my own
Spiritual growing to get done
And I don't have much time
To run around trying to figure
Out who is and who isn't
A sheep or a goat
Or wheat or a tare
Or saved or not saved
Or raptured or left behind
Or burn in hell or not

Because -

I do believe the Father
Has it all figured out
And knows who to save
And who not to save
And whoever He wants is fine by me,

(Just so long as He chooses me too!)


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